Top 5 strangest things we’ve been asked for.

As Tinkers, one of the best parts of our job, at The Tink Shop, is getting to meet loads and loads of lovely people daily! We get to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life – some of which have become regulars at our shop and we now consider them part of our tink family.

One of our core values, which we keep close to our hearts, is that we are fun people. We see ourselves as not just another random town shop, but we want to give our clients a full shopping experience, which they can enjoy and cherish. It’s always fun having a chat with a friendly customer, sharing life stories whilst assisting with your queries.

Nonetheless, this brings with it it’s good share of strange requests and funny stories!



  1. Do you sell furniture?


Everything we do screams vintage and shabby chic, so we do not really make use of the kind of shelving you find in a usual shop, but mostly use old revamped character-full furniture pieces to add that lovely oomph to our tinks.

Regularly, and by regularly I mean a few times a week, we get asked by people to buy that “old table in the shop window” or “that old cabinet” or “the mannequin” (We used to have a mannequin in our shop a while back). We try to explain (nicely, of course) that these are not up for sale and instead introduce the products we offer, after which, sometimes we’re greeted with “Jiġifieri, mhux se tiddubbali waħda?” (translates to: So, can’t you get one for me?)


  1. Female Underwear

This happened twice, so far!

Once we had this not-so-young gentleman walk in the shop and ask one of our Tinkers for “qliezet ta’ taħt” (underwear). The second time it was a lovely woman asking for “panties tan-nisa” (female underwear).

We’re certainly not trying to mock anyone here – we do understand one can get a shop confused – but not exactly sure what could possible suggest The Tink Shop might sell underwear!

Perhaps we should start selling personalised underwear?

You know what? If we get 3 more asking for it, we’ll give it a go!


  1. Sun-Dried tomatoes and Cheeslets

Yes, we actually got asked if we have any “tadam imqadded” (sun-dried tomatoes) and ġbejniet (maltese cheeselets)!

Don’t get us wrong, we do love our food and in all fairness, we do offer a range of cheese and charcuterie themed wooden boards and plaques. We’re also in very close to a fishmonger, a butcher, pastizzeria and a convenience shop, but to actually ask if we sell food is pretty… erm… cheesy?


  1. Cemetery Candles

A sweet old lady once walked into the shop and asked to buy a dozen red cemetery candles, because she claimed ours are the best she ever bought, smelt nice and do not go out with the slightest breeze – The thing is, we do not sell (or ever did sell) cemetery candles!


  1. The Tink Shop is a Hair Salon! (Not!)

There was the parish priest’s sweet episode too! Yep, a priest!

A couple of years back, during the local traditional home blessing time, this priest was blessing the shop and after saying a few prayers, he concluded with “Lord, please bless this hair salon and the hairdressers who work here and the clients who get their hair done here”. Epic!


We have had a few interesting encounters and we look back on them fondly.

Who knows what the next request will bring along…

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