The day my life changed forever!

It’s been a whole year! One roller coaster year! Twelve months! Three Six Five Days! Oh, wait…. Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Hours! (yes, I googled this one!)


Why all this emphasis you ask? Well, one year ago, my wife was pregnant – the baby was due in mid-September so we had ample time to plan and sort things out (or so you’d think!)  One year ago, I got a call from my crying, panicking, 35-weeks pregnant wife, Barbara, saying that the doctors wanted to have the baby out TODAY!  Between one sob and another, I sort of managed to understand that I had to go to the hospital NOW!


I remember vividly the exact design I was doing when I received the call.  I just grabbed my things and left on the spot.  I rushed to the hospital, found the wife in a now calmer state and wearing a huge ugly nightgown!  Doctors told us we had a long wait and so we did… At least Barbara wasn’t in pain so we tried to kill time the best way we know how…  brainstorming ideas for Christmas at The Tink Shop – which really kept both our spirits high!


Meanwhile, the missus was calming down the rest of the family and telling them not to come to the hospital yet as there was a long wait, whilst I was making some work calls and delegate the unfinished tasks to my colleagues.


The Tink Shop is always very busy in August, even though sometimes we close for a period in August, we use that time to work on new material and ranges – We were waiting for an important shipment to arrive so I had to call the shippers, my colleagues, suppliers, courier agents, a few clients who had important pending work and a bunch of others. Thankfully, we have a great team I can rely on! They all came together and worked meticulously to get everything sorted out properly and on time.

So there we were, my wife on the bed stuck to monitors and wires, and myself slouched in a chair next to her! We laughed all the way through and joked about the situation until the doctors informed us that it would be best to proceed with an emergency c-section!


Everything happened so quickly that the next thing I knew, I was holding my son in my arms, in a room, alone. That was the day that Baby Jack was born and we became mummy and daddy!  


One year later and baby Jack is no longer a baby but a crawling, here-comes-trouble little cheeky monkey! I just love him to bits! Can’t wait to start breaking a few things with him 😀


It’s not just Jack who is growing, one year later the team at The Tink Shop is growing stronger than ever! And we’re now looking to get more Tinkers onboard!

If you think you’re a Tinker stop thinking and start Tinking. Drop us a few lines and a CV to [email protected]

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