Parmigiano-Reggiano, Old Amsterdam, Maasdam, Gouda, Stilton…. or even plain good old (matured) cheddar!  mmmmmm….. shall I go on? Pure cheese heaven! Don’t you just love all the different types of intense flavours there are to choose from?

I heard someone the other day claim they don’t like cheese! Say what?? Is it even possible?

I believe that the flavour and textures are one of the best pleasures this earth has to offer us.
Each to their own I say!

I’m thinking of celebrating cheese lovers day (this Saturday 20th January 2018) with a nice selection of my favourite cheese from the local deli and one nice bottle of wine (while watching the Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture celebrations)

I can safely say I’m so fondou of cheese from my head to-ma-toes… (tomatoes… got it?) Too Cheesy??

Speaking of cheesy – if you’re fun and wanna have a laugh with your partner, husband or wife… this Valentine’s day go for something with maximum cheese factor from our ‘Cheesy Valentine’s’ section…

We once heard the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra cheese!
The cheesiness in these products is intended as a joke… please don’t take it literally!
NB: Not for the laughtose intolerant!

#ġobon #kwartminkollox #ġobnuz

On a side note… did it ever occur to you why do we say ‘Cheese’ when taking a photo?
Rumour has it the ‘ch’ in cheese forces us to position our teeth nicely and the long ‘ee’ makes us put our lips apart in a nice smile-like fashion! No cheese for those who pout! Sorry!


Click here to get extra Cheese for Valentine’s Day!

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