Research… At A Tangent


  1. the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.


An essential part of our work here entails research and development, and by research I mean a lot of heavy-mind-boggling-nail-biting-teeth-grinding research!


Most often than not, our concepts are born very casually, over a quick cup of coffee between the gang – or even sometimes, we get that creativity spark out of a very silly joke or comment! We do also hold a few of the ‘official’ brainstorming sessions, though we tend to keep it as simple and casual as possible, so most of the times we brainstorm over coffee or food!


When one of us comes up with a new concept or idea, research kicks off immediately with intense fact-finding, possible options, possible designs, we experiment with colour, print, engraving, new materials, investigate what works and what doesn’t, heavy thinking… sleep on it… back to drawing board, test prints, inquire with our suppliers and many long hours of discussions after, (and well, some of us tend to be very opinionated so the discussions get quite heated at times!), our little new proto-type baby is born.


Sometimes, we get so passionate about our research, that we end up on totally different planets…. errrmmm I mean subjects! Often, the original subject gets so sidelined that we even forget where we started from! Let me give you an example, a few months ago we were about to launch a brand new range of coasters.  Have you seen it yet? They’re really cool – seriously you should have a look! (You see how we get easily distracted?) 🙂


Anyway, so we’re doing our research on these coasters and all of a sudden we find ourselves discussing options of upgrading some of our machines.  But seriously, how do you go from coasters to machinery upgrade you would wonder?  Well, there we were with our dear friends, Google, Instagram and Pinterest and one thing led to another. Well, actually one window led to another, to another, to another and that’s how we got from coasters to machinery! Kapixx? We haven’t upgraded any machinery, YET, but that’s for another discussion altogether!


This research thing happens to us very frequently.  We get sucked into anything remotely interesting. We consider ourselves a very curious (some call us weird!) bunch – so if it slightly tickles our brain cells, we google about it!  It’s amazing how many things we learn through this process. And it doesn’t even mean that whatever we encounter in our research gets transformed into another new project but this is how we get most of our inspiration. We’re like little bees, going from one flower to another absorbing all the knowledge we can get…. And while hopping from one subject to the other we use the inspiration gathered to infuse multiple ideas together and create something new! Got it? Knowledge is a big factor in anything we do. It’s our breakfast, lunch and dinner! (and snacks too!) It’s what fuels us! (apart from coffee!)


Last week’s topic of research was motivation – we’re working on a new range of motivational products… something you look at when not in the mood to study/exercise/or whatever and go “Bamm… I wanna do this! Bamm… Bring it on” – we started off with interesting quotes, catchy phrases, attractive pictures, famous people who said cool stuff, well you get the picture right?

One search window, leads to tens of others, which then open to plenty more and without even noticing we ended up on something great which gave us a huge spark. A bright idea. Our creative buds started tingling. The imaginary light bulbs started flickering on our heads! Thinking caps on. OMG we got sooooo excited !!! So now, we’re working on this amazing new project!!!  Research is still underway so I can’t really tell you anything about it right now…. Let’s just call it Project X for the time being.  We’ll tell you all about it soon!

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