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We’re living in 2018, where almost all of us have smartphones capable of taking some pretty amazing pictures. Most phones today, come pre-loaded with very efficient and feature-full camera apps, which allow you to instantly change and enhance your picture straight away – which is great!

Moreover, you can download from a series of iOS and Android apps, some of which are also available for free, for your devices, which allow you to further enhance your pictures.

From time to time we get asked about photo editing software which you can use to change your pictures before printing them on one of our products. Some of you might think that you’d have to break the bank to get your hands on a good quality photo enhancing app to just crop and boost your favourite pic – The good news is, this is absolutely not true!

There are tens (if not hundreds) of available FREE online photo editors.

After weeks of testing these platforms out, here are the top 4 chosen by our team at The Tink Shop.


Your photos won’t look the same ever again!


1. PhotoCat

We bet it’s one of the simplest to use, and one of the most tools and features packed app.
Photocat offers 3 main features: Photo Editing, Photo Retouching, and a collage maker.

All the basic functions you’d need to tweak your photo are available here too, but not just, PhotoCat also offers a variety of filters, borders, and photo overlays too!
Added to the list, is a full set of retouching features including spray tan, blemish removal, smooth skin, red-eye removal, lip tinting and eye colour changer!
Another amazing tool is the ‘Compare’ feature, where you can compare your edited photo to the original one.

2. Fotor

One of our very favourites for online photo editing and manipulation! It’s very intuitive and easy to use. Offers all the basic tools such as cropping, brightness, saturation and colour temperature altering.

One of it’s most cool features is the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature; where you can combine three photos with different exposures into one image!
It’s important to note that some of the tools would work only if you create a free account.




PIXLR offer a variety of free tools and apps for photo editing and manipulation, including PIXLR editor and PIXLR express with almost all functionality of a professional photo manipulation software, including the ability to create a custom sized canvas to build a design from scratch.



4. Cut My Pic

This one is surely the most simple to use – you just upload your photo, choose from a set of image altering features (including the tilt-shift effect! so cool!) and hit preview button to compare the edited photo to the original one, before saving it to your computer, emailing it or sharing it on Facebook.


All the above apps, together with our online customisation tool would make a great set of tools to help you design your next gift!

If you’re looking for a Free vector graphics app (especially if you want to design items for laser-cutting or perhaps computer cut stickers), you should consider Vectr – easy to use, yet very robust!

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