Easter 2019’s top 3 picks!

Figolli, chocolate bunnies, almond tarts, chocolate eggs… who doesn’t love them?

We know we do – we can’t deny that, and we can’t wait for Easter Sunday to dig into our favourite chocolate-coated-real-almonds figolla (yes, we can’t believe we’ve really managed to stay away from figolli for so long this year! 2 more weeks to go! 💪💪)

Despite our fond love for figolli (and chocolate eggs of course!), year on year, we prefer to combine these mouthwatering seasonal treats alongside some other gifts that would last longer than just a few (or plenty) more inches on our waistline 😆

Here are our favourite tinks for this Easter!

 1. Sometink for the family!

This 300x490mm wooden plaque makes a great gift for all the family to enjoy.

Featuring one of our favourite grey toned wooden textures, and finished off with a pinkish-coral spring tone, this plaque would fit within most home styles and decor.

It’s available both in Maltese and in English.

2. Sometink for the kids!

As for the kids, we’re shying away from an Easter-themed… but surely still something that can make an awesome Easter basket like gift, filled with plenty of Easter goodies – Just imagine a kid’s reaction when getting one of these wooden boxes filled with choc eggs 🤩💯

Here are some ideas on filling up this wooden box for kids <10:

  • A small figolla (replace with a chocolate egg/s if preferred)
  • A bunny themed book (replace with an activity book for younger kids)
  • A small board game (anyone still remembers ‘guess who?’)
  • Playdough
  • Plush toy (a bunny or a chick perhaps?)

3. Sometink for Newborns!

Nothing beats celebrating a first Easter with a photo keepsake!

This photo frame has 3 different text areas which can be fully personalised – including the colour! It’s also available in a landscape format.

You can view the full range of Easter related tinks here.

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