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It’s a very simple process. You do not need any particular design knowledge to be able to personalise any of the products on That’s a promise!

Here’s a quick video explaining the process;

Simply, start off by browsing the category sections or using the search function (located at the top right corner of the screen, next to the ‘My Account’ button, to look through the various gifts for different occasions. We’re pretty sure you’d find a gift to fit your special occassion!

If not, may we introduce the ‘Create Your Own Design’ section? Here you can create a new design completely from scratch! But more about this in the coming days.


The icons

You may notice that some products have a ‘Fast Buy’ icon, whilst others have a pencil, a camera or two pencil icons attached to them. Some of them might have a combination of multiple icons, too.

Here’s the difference between them:

Fast Buy icon: These product belong to The Tink Collection, and do not require any personalisation, thus can be ready for pickup or dispatched within 1 working day. These are the same products that you may find available at The Tink Shop in Ħ’Attard.

Pencil icon: This means that this product can be personalised with text: be it a name, or a paragraph – not all the designs available allow the same type of personalisation.

Two Pencil icon: Whenever you see this icon, it means that this product is available to be ordered in either ‘Single Personalisation’ or ‘Multiple Personalisation’. This is not a site wide function, and only available on selected products.
When you purchase 10 pieces of the same product with a Single Personalisation, it means that you will get 10 pieces with the same exact print. When you opt for 10 pieces of the same product but with a Multiple Personalisation, you will be prompted to input the personalisation details 10 times, so each item will have a different personalisation (Additional charges apply for Multiple Personalisation). This function is particularly useful for party giveaways, merchandise, organisations’ and schools’ small tokens and gifts.

Camera icon: This icon refers to products that can have photo personalisation.


The Customisation Tool

Once you’ve decided which product you’d like to have, you can then click on ‘Customise’ from within the product’s page, which would launch the ‘The Tink Customisation Tool’ – where all the magic happens!


The Tink Customisation Tool

The Tink Customisation tool – Where all the magic happens!

The Customisation tool shows you a preview of how the design for your gift will look like.

The easiest way to start personalising your gift, at the Customisation Tool, is to click on ‘Manage Layers’, located at the top red part of the Customisation Tool, to see which areas of the design can be customised.


Text Personalisation

Not all the designs allow the same changes to the text.

Some allow all the text within the design to be changed, whilst others only allow specific parts of the text to be modified.

Some designs also allow the text to be scaled up or down, rotated and have it’s position and colour changed. It’s important to always refer to the ‘Manage Layers’ to explore which elements can be modified.

Changing of text is fairly easy, you can type into the layer itself, by selecting the text directly onto the canvas, or into the character panel which pops up at the bottom of the Customisation Tool when a text layer is selected. The tools available on the character panel are more or less those you find in a word processor. These tools are displayed or hidden depending on the permissions allowed for that particular design, as explained above.

Refer to the below image for all the tools explained:


Photo Personalisation

We offer 3 options to upload photos for photo personalisation. You can upload photos directly from your library saved on your device, choose a photo from Facebook or one you have on Instagram.

Once you’ve chosen the desired photo, you are asked to confirm that you hold the rights to use that particular image. For more details about this, kindly refer to Clause 19 in our terms and conditions.

Once uploaded, you can change the transform properties (scale, rotate, position) of your photo to fit it as nicely as possible within the designated photo area.





Advanced Editing Tool

Another tool you can use to tweak your photos is the ‘Advanced Editing’ feature, where you can custom crop your photo, apply filters to your photo, and manipulate colours with the brightness and contrast controls. A useful function is the ‘Remove White’ tool, which as the name suggests, removes the white from your picture – this is mostly useful when you are using either silhouettes or one colour logos saved with a white background, to be able to replace the white with a transparent background.

At any point, you can ‘Restore Original’ photo or ‘Save’ your photo. This will update the preview of the gift you are designing.

Once all your changes are ready, you can set the quantity required (all items will have the same identical print) and choose ‘Add To Basket

Here, you will be prompted to confirm that all the wording and amendments for your personalised gift are final and confirmed. We will make no adjustments (except for minor design related changes – see Clause 9 in our terms and conditions for more details about this) to your personalisation.

Wishing you Happy Shopping!!

For queries or enquiries, get in touch with a Tinker from our team here.

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