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  • Collaboratink with Dical House

    We’re super excited to announce a new collaboration with Dical House… yippie!!

    When two of your favourite brands join forces… expect some amazing products!
    We’re pairing some great novelty keepsakes with some super great fine foods…

    Awesome, huh? Check out the growing range here.

    This is only the beginning… More to follow 🙂

  • In the summertime…

    …when the weather is hot…. Lalala…. And it’s really getting hot! 🙂

    Well it sure is Summer and we can feel it! While many of you are enjoying the summer heat, we’re already thinking about Christmas! Yes, Christmas!! And yes, we know it’s early but with so much to plan ahead, we have to start as early as possible!

    Christmas is a very special time of the year to us… We love everything about it – the decor, the gift giving, the carols, the get-togethers, the warm drinks and that nice chilly weather it brings! But most of all we love seeing your happy faces when you get hold of or receive one of our keepsake gifts that are increasing in popularity year on year! So we start gearing up for it as early as possible, because we hate to disappoint. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it; new gift ranges, new designs, new products and plenty and plenty of stock! Since it’s a very busy period across all departments all around the world, we have to get our hands on raw materials and stocks very early in order to have enough supplies for our customers to enjoy.

    Planning started back in June, with a bunch of brainstorming sessions within the team to come up with new concepts and ideas. This year it was extra challenging since we’re also working on expanding our offices and expanding our reach within the local market – more news about this pretttyyy soon!! 🙂 Next, we start sourcing raw materials and the different parts and components that compile our final products – a big headache, especially since most material and parts are not available locally!

    The workshop has been extra busy for quite a while now preparing loads of blanks for printing. Meanwhile, our creatives are working full speed ahead on designing some great art to go onto our products – both for personalised gifts and off-the shelf merchandise. We’ve been hinting for quite a while now, that this year would be our biggest ever Christmas range to date! So whilst most of you are sunbathing and sipping coladas, we’re thinking about hot chocolate, snowmen, reindeer, santas and cribs!

    The printing team are pretty busy too – though they will be busier in the weeks ahead (sssSShh! Don’t tell them!) We’ve been printing loads and loads of wall hanging plaques, coaster sets and keepsake boxes for you to choose from!

    Our printers (whom we nicknamed Leli and Ben) work almost round the clock all year round, and even more from now till Christmas – so this is usually the time where they get some extra pampering! A thorough clean and a well deserved all-round service to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are in place to reduce the risks of nasty surprises in the run up to Christmas.

    Well, for us Christmas is just round the corner so we’re all set for some thundery days! (Yep, you guessed it, we’re all winter-loving design geeks!) but in the meantime, we’re going to enjoy some sunshine like the rest of you!

    The Tink Shop will be closed between the 13th and the 20th of August – we need to get back to reality and realise it’s August… not December! 🙂